Impacts on health

Large risk groups susceptible to the health effects of climate change are formed by the aging population and children, in addition to Finns suffering from cardiovascular diseases, conditions susceptible to cold and allergies, particularly, if these people live in the city.

In Finland, the direct health impacts of climate change are most notably related to the mental health effects of markedly darkening and even more snowless winters and an increase in adverse health effects caused by excess heat during hot days that become more common. Although general adverse health effects caused by cold still remain the most notable health hazard caused by the climate in Finland, with respect to people suffering from a condition susceptible to cold, prevalence and mortality will most likely be reduced as the climate becomes warmer.

In addition, climate change may harm our health indirectly through changes occurring in our environment. Our health may be locally affected by changes in air quality, distribution of animals and plants and food and water quality. Natural catastrophes, famine and changes in the climate and environmental conditions on a global scale may cause extensive migration waves. In the future, climate-induced migration will become more concrete and better preparations might have to be made for climate refugees and the diseases they carry.

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