Video: Carbon tax and cap and trade


Greenhouse gas emissions and their impacts are not included in the production costs of goods and services. It has been proposed that to correct this market failure a price needs to be put on carbon dioxide emissions. This can be done through introducing carbon levies or putting up an emissions trading system. Evidence shows that carbon pricing reduces emissions, stimulates innovation, and raises revenues that can be recycled back into the economy.

Video length: 8:57 min

Language: English, with Finnish subtitles

Subtitles: Video has Finnish subtitles available. If they don’t appear automatically, click the rectangular icon ”Subtitles” and choose Finnish. Video has been subtitled by the Finnish Meteorological Institute in TULUVAT-project funded by Finnish National Board of Education.

Published in YouTube: 27.6.2013

Published in 15.11.2013

For courses in Finnish upper secondary schools: GE2, GE3, YH2, YH4 (old) -> GE3, GE1, YH2, YH3 (new curriculum/OPS)

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